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The solution of energy feedback into two way AC/DC power supply solution


          Lithium batteries due to their high energy density, stable discharge voltage, long life, low pollution, light weight advantages, no memory effect, is recognized as will replace the traditional lead-acid battery, NiCd and NIMH etc., are widely used in notebook computer, electric cars and other fields, especially in the field of electric vehicles, a huge market space. During the production of power lithium battery, we must go through the battery forming process, that is, activate active material on electrode by chemical and electrochemical reaction, and convert it into positive and negative polar plates with electrochemical characteristics. The method is to charge and discharge the battery many times with a certain current and voltage before it is out of the factory.

           At present, the phased active inversion lithium battery discharge device and resistance discharge device are usually used to process the discharge energy of battery formation. The former has the disadvantages of large volume and noise, low AC output power factor and serious harmonic pollution to the grid. The latter is simple in structure and low in cost, but it will cause great waste of energy, especially for large capacity batteries, the waste of energy is more serious. The cost of electricity consumption of large battery manufacturers can account for 20%~30% of production cost, and the daily output of hundreds of thousands of battery factories is over million yuan per year. Reducing the consumption of discharge energy and reusing it have become an urgent problem to be solved in battery production enterprises.

          The general process of lithium battery is: charge, discharge, charge, discharge and charge. The charging process: DC/DC converter gain energy from the DC bus in constant current mode to charge the battery until the charge to the upper limit voltage value, and then according to the charge discharge process: constant voltage mode; DC/DC converter for constant current discharge of the battery, until the battery voltage is equal to the lower voltage value.

To sum up, the main function of energy-saving new energy battery system is the battery discharge of the energy feedback, and realize the network side of the high power factor PWM rectifier, the controllable power factor and bidirectional power flow and bidirectional DC/DC converter with energy feedback type structure has become the first choice of battery system.


                                              Schematic diagram of typical battery chemical system equipment

Application scenes and features:

                The AC/DC is applied to the battery - formed capacitive equipment, and the charge and discharge of the lithium battery is realized with the back end DC/DC. DC power levels include: 7V, 12V, 13V, 14V, 24V, 48V, 80V; 1500W, 1800W, power: 2000W, 3000W, 3200W, 4000W; application of scene features: bidirectional energy feedback, charge discharge switch short response time, high efficiency, high power factor and low harmonic, low noise, high reliability. The LRT series bidirectional power supply is a bidirectional AC-DC conversion power with full digital control technology. It has dual directional high power, high power factor and low harmonic current conversion capability, and it can rectifying ahead in advance -- inverting energy bidirectional flow. The whole machine adopts high efficiency circuit design, high output voltage and high precision, and has perfect protection function. CAN bus communication has high reliability. Modular design is adopted, which is able to switch quickly and independently, and support parallel expansion. With lightning protection, surge protection, and good electromagnetic compatibility, with digital communication interface, perfect remote control and signal reporting function.

Functional characteristics:

High efficiency and energy saving: the maximum efficiency reaches 92%.

High power factor: 99%;

High power density: small volume, light weight;

Low harmonic current: THDI = 5%;

Modular design to support parallel expansion.

Positive and reverse judgment and fast switching.

High frequency isolation of input and output, safe and reliable.

The full digital SPWM control technology has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, fast operation speed and high intelligentization, and the quality of control precision and output waveform is high.

It has input over voltage protection, output overvoltage protection, over temperature protection, output over current protection, monitoring and protection and current sharing machine function.

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